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McNulty Works with University Faculty and CORAS Superintendents to discuss the importance of Principal Leadership.

Prior to the CORAS meeting on March 20th, Dr.McNulty met with Patton College Faculty to discuss research findings on the importance of teacher leadership.

Dr. Brian McNulty met with CORAS superintendnets to discuss the importance of Principal Leadership.  At this meeting he was also presented the 2018-19 Hicks Executive in Residence.

Dr. Brian McNulty has been named the 2018-19 Hicks Executive in Residence.  Dr. McNulty will provide two presentations to the CORAS and Ohio University communities. On March 19 Dr. McNulty will present: How do schools get better? A research and field-based review of what we have learned in Ohio for university faculty, students and community members. This presentation will be held at The Patton College of Education.  On March 20 Dr. McNulty will present to CORAS members and guests: The critical role of principals in school improvement and what this means for superintendents and central office staff. What we have learned in Ohio in the last 10 years.

Dr. McNulty is a founding partner with Creative Leadership Solutions and brings 35 years experience as a nationally recognized educator in leadership development to his current position at Creative leadership Solutions.  Prior to this he was the Vice President for leadership Development at the Leadership and Learning Center and has also served as the Vice President for Field Services at the Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL); Assistant Superintendent for Adams County School District 14 in Commerce City, Colorado and the Assistant Commissioner of Education for the Colorado Department of Education.

Although Dr. McNulty is well known as a both a researcher and a keynote speaker, his primary work has focused on long-term intensive partnerships with schools, districts, state education agencies and educational service agencies in applying the current research to field based problems. His recent research has focused on developing continuous improvement frameworks based on data and inquiry.

In Ohio, Dr. McNulty is probably best known for his work with the Ohio Leadership Advisory Council, Ohio Leadership for Inclusion, Implementation, & Instructional Improvement (OLi4) and the Ohio Department of Education.  In these positions, Dr. McNulty has helped to strengthen leadership skills in Ohio superintendents, principals and teachers.

Brian’s work and writing have been featured in books, scholarly journals and periodicals throughout the world. An author of more than 50 publications, Brian’s most recent books include, 

Leaders Make It Happen with Laura Besser (an AASA member book) and School Leadership that Works: from Research to Results, an ASCD best selling publication co-authored with Robert Marzano and Tim Waters.

Selected Publications

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