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CORAS Superintendents, Teachers, Principals and University Faculty Work on ESSA Recommendations

At the October meeting of the Coalition of Rural and Appalachian Schools, 87 worked together to develop guidelines to recommend to the Ohio Department of Education as they implement new ESSA guidelines in the state of Ohio.  This work led to development of a new Policy Brief that was written by Dr. Charles Lowery of the Educational Administration Program at OU.  This Policy Brief was shared with legislators, policy makers  and also at the Ohio University Board of Trustees Meeting in January by Superintendent Jon Saxton, Patton College Dean Renee Middleton, Executive Director Richard Murray and Associate Director Cindy Hartman.  The recommendations were later revised by the Team Leaders and presented as testimony at a House Education Committee Hearing on March 9.  A copy of the Policy Brief and the revised recommendations can be found on the Research page.

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