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Advocating for and
supporting the public schools of Appalachia Ohio

School Districts

35+ Years Advocating for Ohio's children 

Our history is rooted in advocacy.

Coalition of Rural and Appalachian Schools (CORAS) played a major role in Ohio’s struggle for equitable and quality education by initiating the DeRolph v. State of Ohio lawsuit. While we still strive for “Equal Educational Opportunities for All Children in Ohio”, we wish to honor those who came before us and the progress they made for our students and schools.

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Ohio counties with the highest poverty rates are in Appalachia.

Appalachian Ohio
accounts for 


of the state. 


Stacking Blocks


Of Appalachian Ohio

children live in poverty. 

Despite the above, our region leads the state with a high school graduation rate of 92.3%, and our students are on par with state averages of College Credit Plus enrollment.

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